Post Production
Your project is recorded – now what? We can easily deliver the raw, unprocessed recording to you and be done on our end. Allow us to take on the mixing and mastering as well. Truth is, our audio engineers will be doing some of that as they execute the recording and production phase. More likely than not, the final product will need to be mixed (with other audio and possibly video elements) and mastered (to provide a more even sound quality or meet broadcast loudness regulations). We can do that in-house as well. Maybe you have a recording already made that is on outdated media or is no longer the best quality recording. Let us re-mix and master the original (perform analog to digital conversion if necessary) to provide you an improved audio experience on digital media. We can also clean up and restore some damaged or less-than-optimal recordings using cutting edge software and techniques. This includes something as mundane as converting and restoring all those old LPs stored in your basement. Need Automated Dialog Replacement for a video project or synching audio to video? Yes, we do that as well.