From script development to selection of voice talent and from requirements development to Integrated Master Schedule generation, Vox Incognita supports your pre-production needs. How do we do that? A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) is assigned to every project to closely coordinate with you to determine your requirements, expected delivery date, and fiscal constraints. From that, we’ll develop a requirements traceability matrix, Integrated Master Schedule, risk register, and communication plan.
Additionally, a certified Pro Tools Operator (for both music and post-production) is also assigned to every project to ensure the technical requirements and aesthetic concerns are adequately fulfilled. They are integral to the pre-production phase of your project, as well as the execution phase.
The integrated goal is the use of industry best-practices in both the project management realm as well as the audio production world.
Perhaps you want to stand-up your own studio in your own space, possibly a secure facility? We can assist in the development of requirements, determining courses of action (COA), provide lists of needed equipment for each COA, and make a recommendation for which path to take. We can also order the equipment, set it up, connect and test it to get your production facility operational. And yes, we can provide personnel to operate it as well.