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Who We Are

Mission Statement

It’s all about leadership. Vox Incognita Studio exists to become a leader in the field of audio production and post-production services, specializing in classified projects. We will do this by executing 2 primary missions:
Provide responsive customer service while delivering high quality products in a professional, predictable, repeatable manner; providing services and products in a professional manner leads to success for the entire team.
Build a great place to work for our employees through competitive compensation, an active, continuing training program, and a formal process improvement program.

Value Statement

The basic leadership premise of Vox Incognita Studio will follow a key lesson I learned as a plebe at the United States Naval Academy: “Know your ship and how to fight her; know your troops and take care of them.” What does this mean?
- We will be technically competent, know the equipment, software and technology we use and how to work around casualties.
- We will understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other and work collaboratively for the success of the team; we will take care of each other both professionally and personally.
Certain time-tested and revered values will govern our relationships within Vox Incognita as well as externally with our clients. These include loyalty, honor, discretion, leadership, and responsibility. We will do the right thing, though it be hard.

Because, in the end, it’s all about leadership.

What we Do
~ Pre-production and Planning
~ Audio Recording and Production
~ Post-Production
~ Live Sound